Quality First Orientation


Most likely, you’re on this page because your program is part of Quality First. Quality First works with more than 1,000 child care and preschool providers in Arizona to improve the quality of early learning in our state. Participating in Quality First is completely voluntary. Your program chose to be part of Quality First because it’s committed to helping young children learn, grow and thrive. Whether you’re an experienced family child care provider or center director, or this is your first job in the field, you make a difference in the life of each child in your care. So thank you. 

The following videos were made to give programs such as yours an easy way to share info about Quality First, why your program has chosen to participate, and how it will benefit you and the children you teach. Whether you’re new to the field, or you’ve worked in early care and education for many years, you are part of a very important profession. Many Arizona families need quality child care for their young children. And each of those babies, toddlers and preschoolers needs caring, creative, dedicated teachers who know how to help them learn and grow. That’s you.

1. Welcome to Quality First

Runtime: 2:12


2. What is Quality Early Learning?

Runtime: 10:08


3. Quality Improvement and Your Quality First Support Team

Runtime: 4:35


4. How Quality First Works

Runtime: 24:53


5. The Process

Runtime: 4:55